Апр 13

Unlined clothing

There are lots of different categories of unlined bras (demi, underwire, balconette, bralette…), but let’s try to get a general idea here. The great thing about unlined bras is that they still offer support (when well made) without the extra weight and bulk of too much padding.

As a result, they feel lightweight and comfortable, and because they show more of the natural form, they also feel sexy in a very subtle way. With or without an underwire, unlined bras are best suited to be worn under light and airy clothes, as they look less bulky than their padded counterparts. Try out an unlined bra!
A demi keyhole bra has cups that only cover about half of the bust. They are cut low across the whole cup, as opposed to a plunge bra, which is only low in the center. It may have the look of a push-up from afar, but in actuality it is not as heavily lined as a normal push-up, giving you a more natural look.

This style is very popular for designer lingerie and well-suited for lace details. Also, it is most likely that your everyday bra is a demi bra, like a good old t-shirt bra that is defined by its simplicity and practicality. T-shirt demi bras have a subtle and smooth shape, which doesn’t allow for bumps or lines under your tops.

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